BetBoom Dacha to return in 2024 with two $1m tournaments

18 December 2023


Image credit: BetBoom / FISSURE

Betting company BetBoom and esports tournament organiser FISSURE have announced that BetBoom Dacha will have two more editions in 2024.

Each Dota 2 event will have a $1m (~£790,000) prize pool with the first Dacha set to take place in January and February. The first edition’s final will take place in Dubai, UAE.

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BetBoom Dacha’s second edition will occur in September and October 2024.

BetBoom Dacha saw its first edition take place in 2023. The tournament was envisioned as a ‘laid back’ and relaxed event which interestingly featured a pool and a grill area instead of a usual studio setup. The organisers hosted two editions of the tournament in 2023, with CS2 and Dota 2 being the games of choice.

The 2023 tournaments also saw reasonably high viewership for a new tournament, with the CS2 tournament seeing 139,000 peak viewers and the Dota 2 edition having 173,000 peak viewers.

For 2024, the prize pools have been increased substantially, and CS2 was left out, at least for now, in favour of another Dota 2 tournament. Nikolay Vesnin, the CEO of FISSURE, hinted at more tournaments by saying that “BetBoom dacha does not stop at two tournaments, but becomes a franchise”, Moreoverm he noted that “two tournaments are just the start”. As of this time, no other events were announced.

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The BetBoom Dacha will feature a total of 12 teams, with six invited teams and six teams advancing through the online qualifiers. The invited teams include Team Spirit, Gaimin Gladiators, and LGD Gaming, the teams that finished top three at the latest edition of The International, making the BetBoom Dacha one of the strongest Dota 2 tournaments of the year.

The organisers also announced a one-on-one tournament for BetBoom Dacha participants with a prize pool of $100,000 (£79,000).

Artem Saveliev, Head of esports at BetBoom, commented: “BetBoom Dacha is no longer just a tournament, it’s a brand. We can safely say that the audience will see not only matches of the best teams from around the world but also explosive, exciting broadcasts that will take your breath away with excitement. We can’t wait to share the new stage of development of this tournament series with you.”

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