Riot Games and GGTech Entertainment team up for TFT Remix Rumble Season

20 December 2023


Riot Games and GGTech Entertainment partner for TFT Remix Rumble Season
Image credit: Riot Games / GGTech Entertainment

Game developer Riot Games has partnered with esports tournament organiser GGTech Entertainment for the new season of Teamfight Tactics (TFT) in North America.

Called the TFT Remix Rumble, the event will see GGTech expand its presence in North America even further by being the official tournament organiser and broadcast operator for the auto battler esports series.

Teamfight Tactics is a competitive mobile and PC game created by Riot Games in 2019. The game has seen success since its release, and Riot Games has supported its esports scene around the world, working with tournament organisers in several main regions.

The game also saw its first-ever large scale LAN event played this December in Las Vegas, USA, with a total prize pool of $300,000 (~£237,000).

The new tournament series will be focused on the Remix Rumble set, which is similar to ‘seasons’ in other competitive games. The season will consist of two separate segments, called Cups. The K/DA Cup and Heartsteel Cups will provide the best players slots for the regional finals, and the best players at the finals will advance to the Remix Rumble Championship, the top event of the TFT season.

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Both cups will feature a $12,500 prize pool, while the Finals will have a $35,000 pool for the best players.

Riot Games have already announced changes to the EMEA format for TFT esports earlier this year.

The expansion in North America is not surprising, considering the fact that GGTech Entertainment and Riot Games have been working together on esports projects for a while now. For example, the two companies announced a major collegiate VALORANT partnership earlier this year, as well as a VALORANT-focused charity tournament called Spike Nations.

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