SideQuest Gamers Hub to celebrate the New Year at Charing Cross venue

22 December 2023


SideQuest Gamers Hub
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Esports cafe chain SideQuest Gamers Hub has announced that it will open its doors on New Year’s night from 31st December to January 1st at its Charing Cross venue.

To help bring in the New Year, the esports cafe has stated it will offer a range of deals, such as 20% off bubble tea and 15% off its Night Pass.

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SideQuest’s Night Pass includes seven hours of gaming from 11pm to 6am in any area. According to SideQuest the Night Pass allows players to use the facilities at a discounted price. The chain also noted that it recently updated its PCs and monitors in the Charing Cross Battle Rooms.

The pass does not only apply to SideQuest’s New Year celebration, with the chain’s other hubs operating overnight on other days.

The Night Pass will be available for Charing Cross customers throughout the New Year’s celebrations, with individuals able to come to the hub after the traditional London fireworks show. Those who don’t want to see the show in person will be able to watch the spectacle at the esports cafe. For the New Year’s celebration, the Night Pass will cost £25 for those coming after the fireworks and £30 for customers appearing beforehand.

This is not the first time SideQuest Gamers Hub has hosted themed events in 2023. Earlier this year the chain organised League of Legends Worlds watch parties which drew over 200 attendees across all of its venues. Moreover, the company has also looked to tap into the grassroots esports scene this year by launching a series of community nights for its hubs. 

For customers who can’t attend the event, but still wish to attend an esports cafe on another night, SideQuest Gamers Hub at Charing Cross is open overnight every day until 6am. Meanwhile, its Elephant Park and Coventry venues work overnight on Fridays and Saturdays. To bolster customer experiences, the chain’s ‘League Unlocked’ initiative is available at all of its hubs.

League Unlocked means that all SideQuest’s PCs have every League of Legends skin available to use for free for customers.

Disclaimer: This article is supported by SideQuest Gamers Hub

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