HLTV unveils FACEIT website integration

10 January 2024


(ESI Illustration) Image credit: FACEIT

Counter-Strike news and coverage provider HLTV.org has partnered with esports conglomerate ESL FACEIT Group to integrate competitive platform FACEIT onto its site.

The integrations include new additions to both HLTV player profiles and user profiles.

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The first integration that was introduced focused on HLTV users. HLTV and FACEIT accounts can now be linked so that forum users will have their FACEIT rank displayed next to their names when commenting.

Alongside the user profile integration, HLTV Player Profiles have also received some slight updates. HLTV Player Profiles now feature links to their FACEIT profile. Moreover, there is a FACEIT tab that highlights the player’s all-time and FACEIT Pro League stats. On top of this, if a player has previously won the FACEIT Pro League it will now appear in their personal trophy cabinet displayed on the website.

The FACEIT Pro League player ranking will also appear on HLTV, with the top five players displayed in a widget which can be clicked on to display the full ranking.

This partnership brings together two long-standing services in Counter-Strike, HLTV has been operational as a leading counter-strike-focused coverage source site since 2002 where as FACEIT has hosted a wide variety of esports tournaments since 2011.

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Commenting on news via HLTV’s website, Cristian Duca, Director of Creator Partnerships at EFG, said: “We initiated this product integration with the purpose of seamlessly integrating FACEIT’s data into the dynamic ecosystem developed by HLTV.

“This integration aims to shine a spotlight on both professional players and emerging talents, offering competitive enthusiasts easy access to comprehensive statistics for a 360 degrees view of their favourite players’ profiles, while the HLTV x FACEIT account integration allows community members to share their FACEIT status across the HLTV platform.”

Dafydd Gwynn