Riot Games announces MSI and Worlds 2024 locations, Hall of Fame and format changes

05 January 2024


League of Legends MSI 2023 trophy
The trophy at MSI 2023. Image credit: Colin Young-Wolff / Riot Games

Game publisher Riot Games has unveiled some major developments within the League of Legends ecosystem for its 2024 season.

This includes the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) being announced in Chengdu, China, revealing the remaining European locations for the League of Legends World Championship and introducing a Hall of Fame.

ESI Lisbon 2024

It will not be the first MSI to occur in China, but it is the first to take place in Chengdu. Last month, the city hosted a variety of esports events such as the Honor of Kings International Championship 2023 Finals, Crossfire Stars 2023 and the Naraka Bladepoint World Championship. This is the third time China will host an MSI event. 

It had already been announced that the League of Legends World Championship Finals 2024 would be taking place in London, England. However, now the locations for its other stages have been revealed. For the Swiss Stage and Play-ins, teams will gather at the newly revamped Riot Games Arena in Berlin, Germany. The semi-finals and quarter-finals will take place at the Adidas Arena in Paris, France. 

Dubbed the ‘Hall of Legends’, Riot Games’ new Hall of Fame aims to celebrate those who have graced the League of Legends scene with particular talent. Little information was shared about when the first Hall of Legends inductee will be revealed, however, the release noted that the inductee will have their career celebrated in real life and in the game itself.

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It was also mentioned that this will take place this year. The first inductee will be decided through an independent voting panel featuring esports industry veterans and experts from every region.

In addition to these announcements, Riot Games also announced some major competitive changes to MSI, with the winner of the event now guaranteed a spot at Worlds 2024. This also counts as an additional spot for the region. In addition, the next best-performing region will receive a fourth-seed spot for their league. As a result of this change, Riot Games’ four major leagues (LEC, LCK, LPL, LCS) will start off the 2024 season with three Worlds qualification places.

League of Legends’ MSI is set to take place May 1st-19th 2024, with the League of Legends World Championship occurring September 25th to November 2nd.

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