Team Flash partners with FPT Telecom

19 January 2024


Team Flash partners with FPT Telecom
Image credit: Team Flash

Singapore and Vietnam-based esports organisation Team Flash has announced a partnership with Vietnamese telecommunications company FPT Corporation (FPT Telecom).

The two brands will work together on creating tournaments in Vietnam and abroad, as well as work on research and development of new technologies and other ventures. The two parties will also create content together.

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Team Flash is most known for its presence in Vietnam as one of the nation’s most prominent esports brands, but also fields teams in other countries in the region, such as Cambodia, Thailand and Singapore. Team Flash competes in a variety of games including Free Fire, Arena of Valor, League of Legends, MLBB and others.

FPT Corporation is the largest telecommunications company in Vietnam, with more than 37,000 employees. The partnership with Team Flash aligns with the company’s aim to provide the best possible infrastructure for gaming in the country and is the first major esports partnership for the telecommunications company.

In a release, Team Flash and FPT noted that the two brands aim to work together on more than just activations and content. For example, FPT shared that it aims to use the expertise Team Flash has to help improve its infrastructure and will use the esports organisation’s players and staff for research and development purposes.

In addition, the two brands will create esports events in Vietnam and abroad, but further details about possible tournaments were not disclosed.

Mr. Mark Chew, CEO of Team Flash, commented: “FPT Telecom is one of the big names in the telecommunications services industry in Vietnam and we are very honoured to welcome FPT Telecom and FPT Play as one of the sponsors accompanying the Flash team, starting a new 2024 season full of excitement and passion.

“Team Flash’s core values ​​are not only aimed at moulding and training players to go beyond conventional standards but also truly become real-life heroes for young people, emphasizing values ​​and humanity of esports that goes beyond the limits of screens.”

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