Capcom Cup XI to retain $1m grand prize

27 February 2024


Street Fighter Capcom Cup XI
Image credit: Capcom

Street Fighter developer Capcom has announced that it will offer $1m (£~790,000) to the winner of the Capcom Cup XI, the final tournament of the upcoming Capcom Pro Tour 2024.

The total prize money for the tour, and the location of the season-ending event, were not disclosed. However, this is the same amount of prize money as the winner of this month’s Capcom Cup X.

ESI London 2024

The Capcom Pro Tour is a long-standing global series of esports events for Street Fighter, arguably one of the most popular fighting games on the market. The final tournament of the Pro Tour, the Capcom Cup, first took place in 2014. The 2023 edition of the tournament featured the largest prize pool ever, with a total of $2m (~£1.65m at the time). The recently concluded 2023 Pro Tour was also the first series that included Street Fighter 6.

For the 2024 edition, the winner will get the same amount of prize money, which still makes the tournament one of the more lucrative in the world of fighting games. Capcom did not share the details about the distribution of the remaining prize pool. However, the company did say that last year’s event series was made to ‘commemorate the release of Street Fighter 6’, which might imply that the prize pool was so large due to a notable milestone for the company.

It should be noted though that the announcement already makes the prize pool significantly larger than the 2022 edition, which featured a prize pool of $298,500 (£~235,000) split among all participants, with the winner taking home $120,000 (£~95,000).

Further details about the upcoming events in the Pro Tour were not disclosed, but with the Capcom Cup’s last edition ending in February 2024, it is expected that the next edition will follow a similar schedule.

This is the latest move in Capcom’s strategy of promoting esports. In the announcement, the company noted that “esports has the potential to be the next generation of sports where anyone can compete from anywhere, regardless of age, gender or physical differences.”

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