Malaysian milk brand Goodday to sign a senior esports team

23 February 2024


Image credit: Goodday

Goodday, a milk and dairy company from Malaysia, has announced a contest to recruit senior citizens to become a part of its Counter-Strike 2 roster.

The contest, titled Boomers 2 Gamers, aims to destigmatise esports among senior citizens, educate the general public on esports and help connect and bridge the gap between young and old players.

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This strange contest started in February 2024, and will last for several months before ending in May 2024. Out of the initial applications, the organisers will choose 10 participants for entering the training sessions, and five of the best players will be able to continue competing as a CS2 roster in the future.

To apply for the contest, potential esports players need to be at least 50 years old, and eager to learn and experience esports. Other than that, no major requirements were announced. Former Malaysian CS:GO players Syazwan “wanr0” Hanafie and Aiman “aimaNNN” Azham will coach the new players.

The contest is sponsored by Goodday CHARGE, a milk drink with added vitamins and energy-boosting ingredients. CHARGE is usually marketed towards the younger audiences in Malaysia, but this time around its campaign focuses on the other end of the age spectrum.

Interestingly, the contest’ website highlights the partnership with Orange Esports, a Malaysian esports organisation that seemingly closed down at least a year ago. The organisation’s X profile has no recent updates, and all of its rosters appear to be disbanded. However, this might also mean that the organisation switched towards consultancy and advisory roles instead of competing in the likes of Dota 2 and MLBB which it used to do.

Ivan Šimić
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