Team Liquid secures multi-year deal with Sui to build loyalty platform

21 February 2024


Team Liquid web3 Sui partnership
(ESI Illustration) Image credit: Team Liquid

Multinational esports organisation Team Liquid has secured a multi-year deal with web3 infrastructure company Mysten Labs for its blockchain platform Sui.

The deal will see Team Liquid relaunch its already existing fan loyalty platform so that it will now be powered by Sui.

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The current fan site that Team Liquid has uses a points-based system whereby fans can earn rewards based off said points. After the relaunch, fans will now be able to customise their own Team Liquid avatar, in the form of Team Liquid’s mascot Blue, with digital collectibles alongside earning additional rewards and experiences.

The deal between Team Liquid and Mysten Labs will also include collaborations on marketing initiatives. The two companies will be working together to support games on the Sui platform, by doing content, events, sponsored streams and more.

Team Liquid is a well-known name in esports. Founded in 2000, it has teams in all the leading esports titles, including VALORANT and CS2. Earlier this year, the organisation partnered with Shikenso Analytics to better optimise its partnerships in streaming and social media. Team Liquid is also no stranger to the Web 3 and blockchain realm having secured prior partnerships with the likes of Illuvium and Guild of Guardians in the past.

President and COO of Team Liquid, Claire Hungate, commented on the deal: “Real fandom doesn’t happen in a single moment. It needs to be nurtured and sustained through experiences that strengthen the tether between team and fan.

“Team Liquid has always been a pioneer in esports fandom, and our partnership with Mysten Labs and incorporation of Sui is a testament to that spirit of innovation. This partnership enables us to offer fans new experiences and exclusive rewards, deepening their engagement with Team Liquid, our players, and our teams. I can’t wait for our fans to see what’s coming.”

After being launched by Mysten Labs in 2022, Sui is a newcomer to the esports sector. The Layer 1 blockchain and smart contract platform has yet to partner with any other esports organisation.

Dafydd Gwynn