MOUZ announces new headquarters facility to open in Hamburg in summer 2024

MOUZ Hamburg headquarters
Image credit: MOUZ

German esports organisation MOUZ (formerly known as Mousesports), has announced a new headquarters in the German city of Hamburg, set to open this summer.

The new headquarters will have 1,400 square meters spread across three floors, and will be located in the city’s centre. It will offer office and training spaces, as well as have a portion that is open to the public.

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Founded 2002, MOUZ is a prominent German esports organisation with a successful competitive track record in Europe. The company has teams in a variety of esports titles including Counter-Strike, VALORANT, Dota 2 and sim racing. MOUZ rebranded from its original name, Mousesports, in 2021 but kept its mouse-centric identity and logo.

The new headquarters in Hamburg will open in early summer 2024, with the new facility located in the city’s centre, very close to the Hamburg Central Station. MOUZ said the facility would offer the ‘ideal conditions’ for team development and supporting young talent, describing the space as both a headquarters and a ‘performance and event centre’.

The organisation said the idea to open the headquarters so close to the train station was done to make the headquarters interesting to walk-in customers, instead of focusing on just esports fans.

MOUZ CEO Stefan Wendt noted that the goal is to “make esports a tangible experience” and that events will be held in the headquarters to draw in more visitors.

Wendt added in a release: “The excellent connections to the train station and airport and the location in the heart of Hamburg were basic requirements for us when choosing the location. We want to transform Hamburg into an esports stronghold and inspire both national and international esports talents for MOUZ.”

MOUZ has a long-lasting partnership with gaming hardware brand Razer and an apparel partnership with sportswear brand PUMA. Interestingly, the brand is one of the few esports companies to have a partnership with BMW Motorsport, the official factory racing programme of German automaker BMW.

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