PlayVS expands to middle schools ahead of Fall 2024 season

27 March 2024


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North American scholastic esports platform PlayVS has announced its expansion into middle schools ahead of the Fall 2024 season.

With more than 36,000 middle schools in the U.S., PlayVS will look to offer esports programmes to over 68,000 schools, almost doubling its potential reach.

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PlayVS operates varsity esports leagues across the U.S. and Canada with the mission to introduce students to the benefits of gaming, such as socialisation and STEM skills. According to a release, the new middle school leagues will include programmes comprised of a two-week preseason followed by an eleven-week regular season, which is two weeks longer than PlayVS high school leagues.

Initial registration will be limited to students 13 and older. However, students of all ages may register starting in Spring 2024. An accompanying parent registration portal, as well as compliance with the Children’s Online Protection Act (COPPA), aims to ensure the safety of participants. Which games will be available for the middle school leagues has yet to be disclosed.

Like all of its regional and state esports leagues, middle school counterparts will be free to join, ensuring broader accessibility. Last year, PlayVS abandoned its entry fees to transition to a sponsorship and partnership funding model.

PlayVS collaborates with various partners to grow its community to players, coaches, educators, and parents. This year, the company partnered with education provider Stiegler EdTech and introduced the ePremier League College Invitational together with NBC and the Premier League.

Since 2018, the organisation has been the official esports partner of the National Federation of State High School Associations, which devises rules for high school sports for U.S. public schools.

Jon Chapman, CEO of PlayVS, commented: “We already see the incredible benefits of esports at the varsity level, be it as simple as increasing participation in an after-school activity, or as powerful as inspiring students to become game designers or pursue STEM careers.

“Our expansion to middle schools will help empower a new generation of students through teamwork, skill development and a sense of community.” 

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