Guild Esports unveils gaming education course for parents

Image of children playing video games in Guild Esports facility
Image credit: Guild Esports

UK esports organisation Guild Esports has announced an educational course for parents to learn about gaming and esports.

Known as the ‘Parental Power Up’ programme, participants will learn the fundamentals of battle royale title Fortnite as well as be educated on tools to ensure their children stay safe while online.

Developed by Guild Esports’ Head of Player Pathway and Safeguarding Kit Brunswick, the Parental Power Up programme includes a range of training sessions that will ‘equip parents with the knowledge and tools’ in addition to participating in practice sessions alongside their children.

Parents taking part in the programme will visit Guild Esports’ Sky Gaming Guild Centre where they’ll also learn various techniques to set boundaries regarding online safety. In addition, children will be taught ways how to behave in online spaces.

The programme has launched coinciding with Safer Internet Day, an initiative that aims to raise awareness of online safety and to protect children while they use the internet. Moreover, the Parental Power Up programme continues Guild Esports’ efforts to support its local community. According to the Guild, over 700 children attended its facility in 2024 for a range of educational days where esports highlighted the importance of nutrition and mental health.

2024 has already been a busy year for Guild Esports. In January, it named Nathan Pillai as a Special Advisor to its Board and Paul Kingsley as the organisation’s Chief Financial Officer. It was also revealed in the organisation’s financial report that 00Nation invested in Guild Esports.

Jasmine Skee, CEO of Guild Esports, spoke on the launch of the programme: “Within our Guild Academy, we’ve always understood the importance of upskilling parents alongside the training that we provide to their children.

“We see this upskilling programme as a perfect vehicle to grow this understanding in a way that is engaging and authentic – and to allow them to bond with their children through gaming.”

Jonno Nicholson
Jonno is a Freelance News Writer for Esports Insider and has been part of the ESI team since 2019! His interests include the rapid rise of sim racing and its impact on the wider industry.