Skyesports Grand Slam to host diplomatic showmatch between India, Indonesia

Skyesports Grand Slam diplomatic showmatch
Image credit: Skyesports

Indian Counter-Strike esports event Skyesports Grand Slam is set to feature a ‘diplomatic showmatch’ between India and Indonesia, according to event organiser Skyesports.

Skyesports said it is working with the Indonesian Embassy in New Delhi for the showmatch, which is one of several activities taking place at the event.

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The Skyesports Grand Slam takes place from March 14th-16th in Pune, India. The event forms part of the 6th India Gaming Show 2024, an international gaming event organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).

The event’s main tournament will feature four teams — one each from India, Indonesia, Australia and Russia — competing in a double elimination bracket for a $50,000 (~£39,000) prize pool.

Skyesports Grand Slam will also include a ‘historic’, diplomatic showmatch between India and Indonesia. News of the diplomatic showmatch was first reported in late February.

India and Indonesia are celebrating 75 years of diplomatic relations this year, marking the occasion with cultural events. To commemorate the occasion in esports, Skyesports partnered with the Indonesian embassy in New Delhi. 

The showmatch will see the Indian team match up against Indonesia’s team. The Indian team at Skyesports Grand Slam is Gods Reign and Indonesia’s representative is Garuda Wisnu Voyage, though Skyesports did not clarify whether these are the teams that will also play the showmatch.

Skyesports said the diplomatic showmatch represented an opportunity for both countries to promote their gaming industries and explore avenues for further collaboration. 

Politics has started featuring more and more in esports in recent years as governments recognise the industry’s global popularity and growing place in popular cultural. In February, Esports Insider reported on a highly political tournament funded and promoted by the Russian government.

Skyesports Masters
Skyesports also organises other esports events, such as the Skyesports Masters. Image credit: Skyesports Masters

Alongside the main event and India-Indonesia showmatch, the Skyesports Grand Slam will also see the return of the ‘Luna’ showmatch, an all-female esports showmatch that organisers said would feature 10 of India’s top female Counter-Strike players.

The Skyesports Grand Slam 2024 has several partners including CII, Invest India, India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information (MeitY), Indian Digital Gaming Society, AMD and more. Last year’s version of the event featured Microsoft as a headline partner, alongside AMD and others.

Meanwhile, Skyesports recently announced major format changes to its upcoming Skyesports Masters, one of several events that form part of its 2024 roadmap.

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