Tournament Spotlight: Winordie crowned Tulpar PROTALITY EMEA Tour champions

Tulpar PROTALITY EMEA Tour champions
Image credit: Tulpar PROTALITY EMEA Tour

CIS-based PUBG roster Winordie has won the Tulpar PROTALITY EMEA Tour, a tournament series by organiser eSports360 that also acted as a third-party qualifier to PUBG EMEA Championship: Spring.

Unlike previous years, the PUBG PROTALITY Series expanded its reach for the Tour, moving from being a Türkiye-focused event to a European tournament.

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With the Tulpar PROTALITY EMEA Tour gaining two wildcard rights, tournament companion Winordie as well as third-place Young Danes qualified for the EMEA Championship. European esports organisation NAVI finished runner-up in the event, however, the team’s participation was already guaranteed due to being a Global Partner Team. The PUBG EMEA Championship: Spring is already underway with the event’s Group Stage recently concluding.

High-performance and peripherals product brand Monster Notebook was the global main sponsor of the PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS tournament, with its global brand Tulpar featuring prominently on the event’s name. Now in its fifth year, this season’s PROTALITY series aimed to provide the two best teams in the EMEA region with an opportunity to compete at higher levels of competition through the Tulpar PROTALITY EMEA Tour.

The event, which started on February 21st, saw 256 teams matched up against each other in 16 different Open Qualifying lobbies. At the Round of 16 stage in the Open Qualifiers, the top seven teams advanced to the Upper Group stage of the Tulpar PROTALITY EMEA Tour alongside nine invited teams. Following upper-group and lower-group matchups, 16 out of 256 participating teams and nine invited teams took part in the Grand Final.

Discussing the event, Monster Notebook Global Marketing Director Birol Sülük, commented: “We are putting our signature to important studies in the field of esports both in Turkey and in the world. It is a pleasure for us to be able to reach the esports enthusiast audience that has reached 261 million and to be able to experience this excitement all the time. 

“I would like to congratulate the winners of the PROTALITY series, which we have carried from Turkey to Europe, and which met with gamers in Europe under the name of ‘Tulpar PROTALITY EMEA Tour’. As Monster Notebook, we will continue to make our voice heard in every field of esports and be with those who set their hearts on this world.”

Alongside potential qualification to the PUBG EMEA Championship: Spring event, teams also competed for a chuck of its $8000 prize pool. This figure was divided among the eight teams as follows.

  • winordie – $2,500
  • NAVI – $1,500 
  • Young Danes – $1,000 
  • Entropiq – $800
  • Acend Club – $700 
  • MadBulls – $600 
  • FaZe Clan – $500 
  • FUT Esports – $400 

The Tulpar PROTALITY EMEA Tour was broadcast live on Twitch in English and Turkish with casters Mark ‘MarkPowerCasts’ Power, Samuel ‘fALECX’ Klefe, Rick ‘Saga_Uk’ Sharples, Darren ‘GibsonCasts’ Gibson present on the English stream. Meanwhile, Arda ‘Tropik’ Bayram, Buğrahan ‘Wreckage’ Şevke, Mustafa ‘Fanius’ Gültekin, Oğuzhan ‘Canalem’ Can, Timur ‘Timurlengx’ Günay and Utku ‘Utimikk’ Taşyürek where present in the Turkish stream.

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This article was created in collaboration with eSports360