Ex corp report surveys late teens on esports degrees and employment 

Ex Corp Education Report
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Ex corp, the parent company of skin trading platform CS.MONEY, has launched a report detailing the development of education and careers in the esports sector.

Titled ‘Esports Degrees Playing Field: What Prospective Students Want, Esports Sector Needs, and Academia Can(‘t) Provide’, the report includes a survey of 1000 16 to 19-year-olds who have an interest in esports.

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In particular, the report highlights that 42% of survey respondents believe they are likely to work in the esports industry in the future. The most popular occupation fields from the surveyed individuals were health and wellness (29%), entertainment and broadcasting (25%), education (24%) and player management (23%).

According to ex corp, the survey was commissioned and conducted by market research company OnePoll and features individuals from Brazil, France, Germany, the UK, and the US.

The survey also reports that 55% of respondents believe that an esports-related degree enhances their chances of employment in the industry. 44% said they would likely consider pursuing a degree in an esports-related field, with 28% noting that they would be unlikely to do so. 

Alongside the survey, the full 16-page report includes insights from notable esports stakeholders, including G2 Esports CEO, Alban Dechelotte, Natus Vincere COO, Oleksii Kucherov, and Team Liquid VP of People and Culture, Khalilah El-Amin, among others. Esports Insider’s Managing Director and Co-Founder, Sam Cooke, was also a contributor in the report. 

Some of the topics highlighted in the report include the pros and cons of esports degrees, employment in esports and what the sector needs to grow.

The full report can be viewed on ex corp’s website, with condensed and full versions available for free. 

Timofey Sobolevskiy, Chief Communications Officer at ex corp, commented: “We are delighted to today release this report exploring a vital topic for the future of our industry. The recent growth of esports degrees and esports in education more widely means there is no better time to explore what the future looks like for both education in esports and esports in education.”

Alongside CS.Money, ex corp is an esports and gaming tech company that also owns properties such as analysis service Scope.gg and CS2 P2E service Xplay.gg. The company also owns esports news outlet Blix.gg, however, the site’s editorial operations were shuttered earlier this year

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