Esports data company HUDstats switches from OpenAI to Amazon Bedrock

HUDstats switches to Amazon Bedrock from OpenAI
Image credit: HUDstats / AWS

Esports data company HUDstats has announced that it will partner with tech company Amazon to include Amazon Bedrock generative AI into its offerings.

Bedrock will be incorporated into HUDstats’ product to automatically generate content from information shown on the screen during esports matches. This move means that HUDstats will stop working with OpenAI.

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HUDstats is a Netherlands-based data company that uses computer vision to extract data from live esports broadcasts, and then provides clients with statistics about what’s happening on screen. In addition, HUDstats uses generative AI to create dashboards and content. The company partnered with the KNVB, the Royal Dutch Football Federation, for the FIFAe Nations Cup in 2023.

For example, the company works with EAFC competition eLaLiga to provide casters with easier access to data and the performance of specific players and teams. In addition, teams can use a dashboard where all the data that concerns them is aggregated. Teams are also able to share media and content right from the platform.

Before its partnership with Amazon, HUDstats used OpenAI’s generative AI. However, the company said in a release that it ran into “limitations with the models available”. This led to the company’s interest in Amazon’s Bedrock generative AI, which gathers several models into a single API and is fully managed by Amazon. The company noted, that these new capabilities are a major benefit for HUDstats.

HUDstats CTO, Hristo Yankov, commented: “Switching to Amazon Bedrock changed the game for us. Unlike with OpenAI, we have this incredible flexibility and scalability. It lets us tweak settings, experiment with various models, and tailor everything to our specific needs and data.

“Honestly, our experience has been fantastic and we’re looking forward to what the future holds in terms of Amazon Bedrock. We’ve got plenty of other ideas in the box.”

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