PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 records 1.8m viewers for debut CS2 Major

PGL Major Copenhagen 2024
Image credit: PGL

The PGL Major Copenhagen 2024, the first CS2 Major in history, has recorded an increase in overall viewership compared to the Paris Major 2023, the final CS:GO Major.

According to data platform Esports Charts, the Major peaked 1.85m viewers during the grand final between NAVI and FaZe Clan, making it the third-most popular Counter-Strike event in history. The event also recorded around 58m hours watched across its 105-hour air time.

ESI London 2024

This was the Major in Counter-Strike 2, the updated version of Valve’s first-person shooter. In comparison to the previous Major, the Paris Major, this edition saw increases in viewership in notable metrics. The PGL Major Copenhagen had 1.85m peak viewers and 552,000 average viewers, compared to last Major’s 1.53m peak viewers and 507,000 average viewers.

Interestingly, these viewership numbers mean that the Major is third in the Counter-Strike all-time viewership rankings. The event is behind two other PGL-produced events, the PGL Major Stockholm 2021 (2.7m) and PGL Major Antwerp 2022 (2.1m). The IEM Rio Major 2022 (1.4m) rounds up the top five list in fifth place.

PGL Major winners NAVI were the most popular team viewership-wise, with around 15.3m hours watched compared to FaZe’s 13m. PGL’s good viewership performance was also apparent in the competition’s group stages, which generated peak viewership figures of just under 1m.

Esports Charts also shared data that shows that English language broadcasts decreased from 63% at the Paris Major to around 40% for the Copenhagen Major. It’s interesting to see that other languages not only filled the gap left by lower English viewership but increased the Major’s popularity. Ukrainian, Turkish and Romanian languages all saw record-breaking viewership.

PGL, the production company behind this edition of the Major, recently made headlines following the event by announcing more than 10 large CS2 events for 2025 and 2026. However, the company did not share any plans for producing more Majors in the future.

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