RLCS and FNCS championships head to Dickies Arena in Texas

RLCS World Championship Logo on copper background
Image credit: RLCS, Epic Games

Game publisher Epic Games and tournament organiser BLAST has announced Fort Worth, Texas as the location for the season-ending RLCS (Rocket League Championship Series) and FNCS (Fortnite Battle Royale Global Championship Series) tournaments.

Both competitions will take place at the Dickies Arena in September.

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For both events, BLAST has partnered with the Fort Worth Sports Commission and promotion company C3 Presents. As a result, all parties will collaborate to assist with the promotion of the events.

Fortnite‘s season-ending tournament takes place September 7th-8th, 2024. 50 teams will compete in front of a live audience for a share of its just over $2m (~£1.56m) prize pool. Players can qualify for the FNCS Global Championships through Major tournaments. Those who reach a qualifying position will secure their place in the tournament.

The Rocket League World Championship will take place September 10th-15th and will feature 16 teams competing for a share of $1.165m (~£927,607) in prize money. The top four teams from Europe and North America will qualify alongside two from the MENA region, two from the OCE region, two from South America, and one from the Asia-Pacific and Sub-Saharan Africa regions.

The decision to host the RLCS and FNCS at the same venue comes after esports tournament organiser BLAST renewed its partnership with Epic Games to continue producing the Fortnite Championship Series and start producing the Rocket League Championship Series as of January 2024.

Rocket League and Fortnite esports circuits continue to generate plenty of interest. In February 2024, the RLCS added 10 new teams to the title’s in-game ‘Esports Shop’. In October 2023, it was revealed the 2023 edition of the FNCS Global Championship was the most-watched Fortnite event in four years according to data platform Esports Charts.

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