Fnatic partners with MLBB team ONIC Philippines

Fnatic partners with ONIC Philippines for MLBB project
Image credit: Fnatic ONIC-PH

European esports organisation Fnatic has announced a partnership with ONIC PH, the Philippines Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) esports division of Southeast Asian organisation ONIC Esports.

The partnership will see Fnatic enter the competitive MLBB scene for the first time in its history under the newly rebranded Fnatic ONIC PH.

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The partnership was announced through a video posted on ONIC’s social media channels, with the organisation changing the designs of its profile images to a combination of a Fnatic logo and its own. Neither company shared further details about the partnership, including the length of the deal.

ONIC PH was created in 2019 and has competed in the MPL Philippines since its fourth season. The team’s biggest success came at the M3 World Championship in 2021, where ONIC finished second. The esports brand has a diverse array of partners, ranging from car brand Isuzu, skateboarding footwear brand DC Shoes, KTM Bikes and ASUS ROG.

ONIC confirmed the partnership by saying that the company is “thrilled to announce the collaboration with one of the leading professional esports organisations, Fnatic”, adding that the duo will work alongside each other to “chase after glory.”

ONIC PH has qualified for the playoffs of MPL Philippines Season 13 and will compete under the new name at the tournament.

If the new team manages to place in the top two spots in the playoffs, the newly created brand will also play at the MSC, an international MLBB tournament taking place at the Esports World Cup. Fnatic is currently in the partner programme in the Esports World Cup, and the organisation could secure championship points if they qualify for the MSC.

Fnatic is one of the several notable esports organisations that entered the MPL Philippines, one of Mobile Legends’ most popular esports leagues, in just a short time frame. Team Falcons announced a high-profile partnership with AP.Bren and Team Liquid acquired STUN.GG, the owner of MLBB team ECHO.

The global organisations have all entered MLBB just in time for the MPL PH Season 13 playoffs.

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