Fnatic launches premium mousepad lineup

Image credit: Fnatic

Esports organisation Fnatic has launched two new premium mousepads through its Fnatic Gear peripheral and hardware brand.

The new pads, called Dash2 Max and Focus3 Max, are improved versions of existing Fnatic mousepads, with improved materials and finishing.

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Through Fnatic Gear, the organisation has been producing esports-focused products since 2016. The company has a lineup of mice and mousepads, headsets and keyboards aimed at esports players and enthusiasts. The company’s hardware division was created by acquiring gaming peripheral brand FUNC in 2015.

The two new mousepads are actually premium variations of existing pads Fnatic offers through its web store and retail network, the Focus 3 and Dash. Compared to existing models, the new mousepads feature PORON foam bases, which offer better grip on a range of surfaces when compared to rubber, making the pads ‘stick’ to desks better.

Poron also allows for the mousepads to be considerably thicker than the regular versions, with both pads coming at around six millimetres of thickness. According to Fnatic, this makes the pads more comfortable and more ergonomic. The company also says the thicker pads ‘give a competitive edge’. Players will, however, be able to press the mouse into the pad if they so desire, without significantly affecting performance.

The pads are offered in two sizes and two standard variations, with a subtle difference in colour between the two. The pricing for the pads starts at ₤49.99 for the large variations, making the pads more expensive than other Fnatic offerings, but in line with other premium mousepads.

Ivan Šimić
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