Teamfight Tactics unveils Inkborn Fables Tactician’s Crown format

Teamfight Tactics esports
Image credit: Riot Games

Game developer Riot Games has announced the details of Teamfight Tactics’ (TFT) Inkborn Fables Tactician’s Crown, formerly known as the Set Championship.

The event will take place from July 12th-14th and is the first Tactician’s Crown since the Teamfight Tactics global esports ecosystem structure update which took effect earlier this year.

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The three-day event will see 32 TFT players compete for the Golden Spatula trophy and $150,000 (~£118,000) out of the £465,000 (~£366,000) prize pool. The runner-up will receive $75,000 (~£59,000).

The first day of competition will see the players participate in six games, they will be split up into four lobbies and those lobbies will shuffle after two games. All players will then advance to the second day with the retained points from day one.

The same system will then repeat itself with players divided into lobbies that rotate, and after all the games are completed the top eight players will move on to day three.

On the final and third day, the first player to reach 20 points and then secure a first-place finish in a match will be crowned the champion. The points correlate to the position each player secures in each match. For example, a player who finished first will receive eight points, whilst a player who finishes last (eighth) will receive one.

Eight players from each pan-region will qualify for the event, with the Fnatic’s Ryan ‘milala’ Lai being automatically invited if he qualifies for the pan-regional Finals due to his performance at the Remix Rumble Set Championships.

The Inkborn Fables Tactician’s Crown will see its players compete online whilst the broadcast will be run from Spain.

Dafydd Gwynn