DRX CEO Sang-in Choi steps down

Image credit: DRX

Sang-in Choi, the CEO of South Korean esports organisation DRX, has announced on social media that he will depart the company.

Choi did not give any explicit reasons for his departure, but explained some of his decisions and experiences as CEO of the company. He did not mention what his plans are after DRX.

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DRX is a prominent esports organisation in South Korea, which can trace its roots back to 2012, to a team called Incredible Miracle. The DRX of today is the result of a merger in 2018, resulting in the creation of DragonX (DRX).

The team is best known for its run at the 2022 League of Legends World Championship (Worlds). DRX won Worlds that year by defeating T1 in the grand final. The company has one LCK title to its name, in 2018, as well as several second-place finishes. DRX competes in several other games, such as VALORANT where it is a part of the VCT Pacific, and in fighting games.

Sang-in Choi was the CEO and General Manager for DRX for more than five years, and was a key figure in the team’s run in the 2022 Worlds win. In his social media post, Choi described several setbacks and positive times during his time at the organisation, noting that there were situations during which he wondered how to overcome the difficulties of running an organisation.

Throughout the post, Choi referenced his personal challenges several times, which might hint that the toll of running an organisation affected his mental health.

In his post, Sang-in Choi, former CEO of DRX, said: “I carry the weight of your past disappointments and regrets, as they are the result of my shortcomings. But the core team that brought glory to DRX remains, and I ask for your heartfelt support and encouragement for them.

“Though I am stepping down, I will begin new challenges elsewhere. I hope my journey has shown that even someone as flawed as me can achieve great things through relentless challenge. I wish to inspire you all to endure the weights of life with hope and strength.”

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