Gen.G launches custom branded wine in Korea

Image credit: Gen.G

Multinational esports organisation Gen.G has launched its own wine brand called GenRang Wine.

Gen.G has collaborated with Allvintage Wine, a Korean wine company, to make the product for the esports organisation.

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The GenRang wine will be exclusively sold in Korea at launch with Allvintage Wine assigning pickup locations for the wine in multiple cities across four South Korean regions. Currently, there are two wines being sold, a Chilean red and a Chilean white wine.

This collaboration between Gen.G and Allvintage Wine marks the first wine released by an organisation in esports. There have been many drinks companies launched in esports, including the now-sold 100 Thieves energy drink brand Juvee, but this deal marks the first wine sold by an esports organisation.

The involvement of alcoholic beverages in esports is a growing trend as the average age of viewers rises throughout esports titles. With games such as Counter-Strike being 25 years old, the age of the audience is only getting higher. This is not the first time alcohol has been involved in esports and it will not be the last.

Whilst this is Allvintage Wines first step into esports, the Korean company could not have picked a bigger partner in the Korean esports space. Gen.G has a history of being the powerhouse in Korean esports, dominating the region’s League of Legends scene since it entered the title in 2018.

Gen.G is no stranger to expanding its portfolio, recently expanding its academy infrastructure with a new building near its HQ in Seoul.

Dafydd Gwynn