NZXT and FlyQuest announce strategic partnership

(ESI Illustration) Image credit: FlyQuest / NZXT

North American esports organisation FlyQuest has announced a partnership with American PC hardware manufacturer NZXT.

The deal makes NZXT the official PC partner for FlyQuest’s rosters in the League Championship Series (LCS), The North American Challengers League (NACL), VALORANT, CS2, as well as its content creators. It would also be the name rights sponsor for FlyQuest’s training ground and boot camp.

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NZXT is a well-regarded hardware brand most known for its range of PC cases. The company also produces monitors, case fans, pre-built PCs and other hardware and has a gaming PC subscription service called Flex, which will be the base of the partnership with FlyQuest.

The agreement will see FlyQuest teams and creators equipped with PCs from the Flex line, which offers upgrades and support for its subscribers for a fixed monthly fee. This means that the users are not owners of the PCs themselves, but rather leasers that can get hardware upgrades every two years of subscription, keeping the PCs up to date.

In addition, FlyQuest will rebrand its League of Legends NACL team to FlyQuest NZXT, and the two parties noted that both want to do as much as possible to “foster an environment where players can thrive.” It is unclear what exact moves will be made to specifically help the NACL team, but the two partners will provide further information in the future.

Lastly, NZXT branding will be featured on the jerseys of all FlyQuest teams and the organisation’s training centre and bootcamp will both be renamed with NZXT.

Johnny Hou, Founder and CEO of NZXT, said: “We believe that anyone can be a PC gamer and strive to deliver the best gaming experience possible. Our partnership with FlyQuest is a testament to our commitment to this vision. We’re excited to support FlyQuest’s mission and look forward to achieving great things together.”

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