Razer announces Deathadder V3 Hyperspeed

razer deathadder v3 hyperspeed
Image credit: Razer

Hardware brand Razer has announced the latest model in its Deathadder lineup of gaming mice, the Deathadder V3 Hyperspeed.

The mouse is actually a version of the recently launched Deathadder V3 wireless mouse but with a lighter weight, lower price and smaller size.

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The Razer Deathadder is one of the most iconic pieces of PC hardware in history, first launched almost 20 years ago. Since then, Razer has sold over 20 million units worldwide and has created dozens of colourways and versions, including those co-developed with esports organisations Team Liquid and T1, as well as a version co-created with T1’s star player Faker.

The mouse’s latest iteration, called the V3, was launched in February 2023 and currently features three models: the standard Deathadder V3, the V3 Pro, and the newly launched V3 Hyperspeed. In terms of pricing, the V3 Hyperspeed will sit between the Pro and the regular model.

The main difference between the Pro and the Hyperspeed is the weight. While the Pro model weighs 63 grams, the Hyperspeed comes in at around 55, making it one of the lightest models in Razer’s lineup. In addition to the weight reduction, the new mouse is a bit smaller than the V3 Pro across the board, which is the result of “meeting community and pro standards.” Razer also says that the shape was “fine-tuned with input from pro esports players.”

The mouse is aimed more towards mid-tier players that seek high-performance products but are not looking for the absolute highest-tiered products. The mouse also features a battery life of around 100 hours and no RGB lighting and will be sold globally for £99.99, depending on the market, making it around £60 cheaper than its V3 Pro sibling when bought directly from Razer.

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