Sentinels announces chair partnership with Razer

(ESI Illustration) Image credit: Sentinels / Razer

Esports and gaming hardware brand Razer has announced a partnership with North American esports organisation Sentinels.

The partnership will focus on the Razer Iskur V2 gaming chair, which will be used as the official gaming chair for Sentinels.

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Sentinels are one of the most popular VALORANT teams worldwide, and also one of the most successful. This year, the team has won VCT Masters Madrid and the VCT Kickoff Americas event. Sentinels appear to be back on the right track after a period of financial uncertainty that culminated in a new round of financing last year.

The partnership with Razer is unusual due to the fact that it focuses on just a single product, instead of the wider range of peripherals that Razer is known for, such as mice or keyboards. What makes it even more peculiar is that Sentinels partnered with Razer for a chair, which is not one of Razer’s most-known products.

The Iskur V2 is one of the world’s best gaming chairs, well-known for its extensive lumbar support that offers comfort for long gaming sessions. The chair is also endorsed by several pro teams and players, including Gentle Mates, OpTic Gaming and DRX. Sentinels player zekken has recently joined Team Razer as its sponsored athlete.

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