Metafy unveils rebranded talent agency Sumo

SUMO talent agency by metafy
Image credit: SUMO / Metafy

Esports and gaming coaching platform Metafy has unveiled Sumo, a talent agency that handles business opportunities for gaming content creators.

Sumo is a rebrand of Metafy’s existing talent agency, which was previously named S-Tier. It has 30 creators already signed in games like Hearthstone, Marvel Snap, FGC and other titles.

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Sumo will provide agency and managerial services to gaming content creators. The company said that by handling business opportunities on behalf of creators, it can both increase their earning potential as well as free them up to focus on their craft.

Metafy acquired the agency S-Tier in September 2023. S-Tier’s original founder Sean Strang — now the VP of Talent for Metafy — is in charge of day to day operations according to his LinkedIn post at the time of the acquisition.

Sumo claims to have generated hundreds of contracts and hundreds of thousands of dollars in deals for its clients. The company said in a release that Sumo was targeted at niche gaming creators, and aims to provide the tools and resources that creators need to thrive.

It claims to be unique in that it does not prioritise size over substance, instead recognising the contributions of its members and committing to providing them with support and recognition.

Sumo currently has a wide range of niche content creators on its roster, including Alliestrasza, Baalorlord, PakTCG, Cantelope and more.

Josh Fabian, CEO of Metafy, commented: “Our mission at Metafy is clear: to enable a million gamers to make a living doing what they love. It’s infuriating to see individuals dedicate themselves to mastering a skill that others find valuable, only to be relegated to menial work.

“We refuse to accept this status quo. We believe that a future with gaming careers is not only possible but necessary—and we’re actively developing the technologies to make it a reality.”

Metafy is an esports and gaming coaching platform, which connects users to coaches — often professional esports players and talent. The coaches help players improve their skills by reviewing replays, providing one-to-one live coaching sessions and written advice.

The company raised $25m in a Series A funding round in February 2022.

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