British eSports Association lays out its plays

After months of speculation, where little information had been forthcoming from the new British eSports Association, the time has finally come for the organisation to announce what they are set to be doing for the UK esports scene.

The press release, which was released early on the 5th October, listed five key points that the British eSports Association were set to focus on, which were expanded upon in a further post. These key points are:

  1. To fund and support grassroots Esports
  2. To establish best practice
  3. To deliver courses and qualifications
  4. To increase awareness of Esports
  5. To provide expertise and advice

Outside of these points they did list other focuses, including visas, contracts and online harassment.

british esports association
The logo of the British eSports Association, set to be fully launching in December.

The most important point for many people would be the first point; the funding and support of grassroots esports. In the expanded announcement, they announced their funding model which included a hint at a new upcoming tournament from the organisation the “British Championships”. This would be part of the BeSA’s funding, partly by ‘membership fees’ as well as sponsorships and “LEPs” (Local Enterprise Partnerships), which would seem to put a local focus on esports one of the priorities – a true grassroots sense. The esports for such a competition are yet to be selected, but many would expect CS:GO, a current mainstay of the UK esports scene, to be included alongside LoL and Hearthstone.

Outside of the five points, they noted that they will set up as a not-for-profit organisation, so that all revenue made will go straight back into growing esports. As well as the declaration on the company format, they announced the make up of their intended Advisory Board.

It will be chaired by their current chair, Andy Payne, with each member taking up terms of a minimum of 12 months. The members would also lead a ‘sub-group’ in their area. A member of the Department for Media, Culture and Sport would see an invite to be present.

The full press release is available from the British eSports Association on, which includes the full details on their five key points.

The association also revealed that it is on the hunt for a Marketing and Content Executive to join its growing team. A ‘competitive salary’ and a 12 month contract are on offer. More details can be found here

Esports Insider Says: Finally after some anticipation the British eSports Association has explained what they’ll be doing in the coming months and years to give esports a boost in the UK. With them hinting at this upcoming British Championships, there’s much to be looking out for when they launch their new website in December.