MAD Lions LEC Spring Split

Esports team-building strategies: Talent vs infrastructure

In this piece, ESI Guest Columnist Caleb Cousens, CEO of Adamas Esports, compares two team-building strategies we have seen in traditional sports for decades: win-now talent acquisition versus infrastructural, ground-up nurturing of talent.  RELATED: Creating...
Gabriel Benito Nexplay

How Nexplay Esports is aiming to be SEA’s next big agency

It's been two years since the esports ecosystem in Southeast Asia began showing signs of accelerated growth, and the scene continues to thrive. The popularity of mobile titles has allowed SEA...
Ben Greenstone ESI guest columnist

The imminent need for safeguarding in esports — Ben Greenstone

In this short piece, ESI Guest Columnist Ben Greenstone, Director at Taso Advisory and former Private Secretary to the Minister for Digital and Creative Industries (United Kingdom), details the imminent and...
Esports punk evolution Ross Video

Esports’ punk evolution: The New Rose of popular culture?

Esports is like punk rock. The latter began popping up in a few major cities around the mid-seventies, with bands such as the Ramones in New York City and The Clash...
Monetisation in esports

Three (types of) companies that might unshackle monetisation in esports

To see the myriad companies adapting to the digital world, one need only look. In the last few years, entrenched business models in sport have been challenged by fresh-faced newcomers with different...

Navigating payment challenges in emerging markets — AstroPay

From a business perspective, different regions make different markets, and different markets require different approaches — that’s how trade has worked for centuries.  The esports industry, on one hand, is universal in...
esports b2b awards

GameFace Awards Co-Founder on the importance of B2B recognition

Industry awards afford recognition to those that may otherwise go unnoticed at the consumer level. Alongside opportunities for sponsors to position their brands alongside recognised excellence, industry awards create a celebration...
LATAM esports business developments April 2021

Top LATAM and Brazilian esports business developments in April 2021

Each month, Esports Insider collates the key esports business stories from Latin America — particularly Brazil — into a single article. Here are the region's biggest stories from April. Top LATAM esports...
Esports movers and shakers April 2021

Esports movers and shakers in April 2021

Each month, Esports Insider curates a list of the industry’s key personnel changes. Here we have compiled April’s most notable movers and shakers. To read more about a story, click the...
Key esports sponsorships and partnerships, April 2021

Key esports sponsorships and partnerships, April 2021

Each month, Esports Insider — in collaboration with YouGov, a data and analytics company that provides global consumer opinion and behavioural data — collates the period’s significant sponsorship and partnership news in...