Cybersmile chosen for Riot Games’ Impact Challenge

12 October 2016


The Cybersmile Foundation has been selected by Riot Games to be part of a new initiative called ‘Impact Challenge’ which launched yesterday.  

Dan Raisbeck, Cybersmile Foundation
Dan Raisbeck, Cybersmile Foundation

The project is aimed at helping to provide funding and support for four non-profit organisations addressing issues important to both the League of Legends community and the wider gaming industry. The chosen projects will cover subjects including tech learning, mental wellbeing and education/support for issues around online abuse and positive gaming experiences.

Dan Raisbeck, Co-Founder of Cybersmile Foundation, commented: “Riot has been doing incredible work to enhance gaming experiences for their own players and the gaming industry for a long time.

“This project reinforces their position as one of the leading game developersin the world when it comes to addressing player wellbeing and experiences. We are truly honored at being chosen for such an amazing project. To have the might of Riot Games and its incredible community behind us is both very humbling and exciting.”

Jeffrey Burrell, Riot Games, said: After scouting potential allies working in social impact, we found four non-profits who care deeply about the same issues Riot and players agree are important.”

Cybersmile had a formal introduction to esports recently after a partnership was agreed with ESL. Stephen ‘Snoopeh’ Ellis is another well known name attached to the charity in his role as an ambassador.

The Impact Challenge project went live yesterday with a $1 million (£815,000) boost, and Riot will be using its notable resources to help each of the projects reach their full potential. The developer has also partnered with online charitable fundraising platform Omaze to help raise additional funds for the chosen causes. The campaign kicks off with a competition in which the prize is a VIP trip to the League of Legends All-Star Event in Barcelona this December. 

Esports Insider: As the brains behind one of the leading esports, and most popular games worldwide, this is great news for Cybersmile, and kudos to Riot for recognising what is an excellent and much needed charity.