Former NBA player Stephen Malbury will entering esports

27 October 2016


Stephen Marbury teased his own esports plans on the Weibo network this week.  marburyweibo

Marbury currently lives in China and plays for the Beijing Ducks, but is best known globally for his time as a point guard for the Knicks. 

Marbury said: “Today I’ll announce some exciting news through my personal Weibo. I decided to march [into the] esports industry to build my own team and recruit players, from my fans, in no time. Looking forward to the journey.”

This will have undoubtedly caused some ripples of excitement amongst his Beijing fanbase in particular. Marbury has become the latest NBA related entrant into esports, and follows the Philadelphia 76ers, Rick Fox and Magic Johnson in investing, or rather planning to invest, as it stands. The NBA may not be finished there yet either; with rumours around Kobe Bryant’s entrance which, as a truly global superstar, would gain the esports industry major attention. 

Esports Insider says: It’s traditional football clubs versus basketball clubs and personalities in terms of making strides and investments into the esports scene right now. Marbury is well placed to exploit the wealth of esports talent in China, and can be a commercial bridge between them and the West too.