Galaxy Group snaps up VitalBet & sponsors Balkan CS:GO League

27 October 2016


Galaxy Group has announced  the acquisition of the online gambling operator VitalBet and other esports brands from Vital Mediagalaxygroup-vitalbet

VitalBet, the high end operator to which boxing legend Manny Pacquiao lent his name, was launched last year in April 2015. Via the acquisition of VitalBet, Galaxy Group is evidently hoping to strengthen its strategic position within the esports audience.

To celebrate this deal, Galaxy Group has become the sponsor of the new Balkan CS:GO Pro League which will be operated under the patronage of VitalBet. Eight of the best teams from the Balkan region will have the chance to participate in a month long tournament which will include LAN finals. Some of the teams are OUTLAWS (Bulgaria), Dark Passage (Turkey) and Pixel (Hungary).

The idea of the tournament is for the lesser known teams to be given the opportunity to be in the spotlight and gain higher exposure on the professional esports scene, as well as further strengthen the VitalBet position as a brand.

Edison Chow, Marketing Director of Galaxy Group said: ‘We are very happy with going forward with the acquisition and starting the VitalBet Pro League. We have high hopes that the interest in eSports will continue to grow in the future. 

Esports Insider says: Following on from the Ultraplay esports academy, this is another significant step for the Balkan region’s esports scene, and local CSGO fans and players will be particularly pleased with the new Pro League and support of it.