Tour the first dedicated esports arena in Las Vegas

20 October 2016


Delegates attending next week’s Esports and Casinos Resorts conference in Las Vegas will have the chance to take a tour of the city’s first dedicated esports arena. 

Alex Igelman, Millennial Esports
Alex Igelman, Millennial Esports

This opportunity is due to one of the event’s title sponsors being Millennial Esports, the company behind the arena which’ll be a part of the Neonopolis building on Fremont Street in downtown Vegas. The arena is intended to open to the general public in November, with the first event planned to be the Halo Championship Series Open Circuit from November 18-20. 

There’ll be a 400-500 person arena that will host both live, in-person tournaments in addition to viewing parties, and features streaming facilities and casting stations too as Millennial Esports hopes to foster the careers of new casters as well as players. 

Millennial Esports CEO Alex Igelman, who is speaking at the conference, said: “We’re looking to build a caster experience where someone can come in off the street and be able to cast a game that’s going on in our facility or online and learn how to do some casting, and then they’ll be able to record it and stream it.”

The tour will take place Wednesday, October 26th at the conclusion of Esports & Casino Resorts. Those attending the conference interested in going along should contact Narus Advisors’ Partner Chris Grove at [email protected]

Esports Insider says: An exclusive first look at the arena so far will be a great end to the conference, and ESI will be there in person to cast an eye over the space.