This Week in Esports: Lounge refunds, Superdata and 2017 predictions

30 December 2016


With the PEA drama bubbling up just before Christmas this past few days has seemed incredibly quiet in comparison. An announcement yesterday was a bolt out the blue however, and stopped us in our mince pie and leftovers eating tracks. 

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ESforce Holding and Borewik announce refund program for CSGOLounge and Dota2 Lounge customers

The Lounge platforms were the most notorious and most embroiled in the skins betting drama which unfolded from June and led to Valve issuing cease and desist letters. In what appears to be a mostly positive move for users, a post on the site stated that a refund program would commence in March…(Read the full story here)

Superdata Research makes a forecast

We all secretly love a good research paper. Superdata’s latest investigation titled ‘2016 A Year in Review: Digital Games and Interactive Media’ included a sizable chunk of esports focus. Amongst other predictions, Superdata believes that the industry as a whole will rise steadily over the next couple of years and be valued at $1.4bn by 2019. (Read the full story here

Heflamoke’s 2017 industry predictions

Sebastian ‘Heflamoke’ Läger gave ESI his lowdown on what he saw as the high points and low points in esports in 2016, and what he believes will be the big themes of the industry next year. An esports consultant who’s been around in the industry for some time, this is well worth a read. (Do so here

Mad Skills Motocross 2 World Championship

Mobile esports enjoyed a big year with Vainglory and Clash Royale taking the lead but others hot on their heels. The Turborilla and Gumbler Mad Skills 2 has been downloaded over ten million times, and its first world championships will feature real life BMX and motocross champions which makes for a cool traditional and esports crossover. (Read the full story here)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the ESI Team!