Esport Talk – World of Tanks’ TheDeadZone

18 January 2017


When esports is discussed World of Tanks rarely gets a mention. But it deserves one, and so the team at Esport Talk cut it some slack this week. 

The Wargaming title was released back in 2010 and it’s pretty popular; only League of Legends has more players. It’s particularly popular in Russia but has players worldwide. 

Kevin ‘TheDeadZone’ van Huit from Team Oops is one of the top World of Tanks players globally. Hailing from Holland van Huit has had some great runs although he’s yet to lock down a season final victory.

If you’re not familiar with World of Tanks the game features hundreds of tanks, each with differing pros and cons. And you’ve got to know how to use them. Esport Talk quizzed Kevin on how he got so good, and he revealed some interesting tips for both newcomers and advanced players. 

The podcast also discusses World of Tanks place in esports. Is it going to get any bigger? Can it hope to compete with the likes of LoL or CS:GO? Listen in and welcome to the World of Tanks!

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