Esport Talk – World of Tanks’ untapped potential – Milan ‘Mailand’ Süß

27 April 2017


Whilst little news filters through to the mainstream from World of Tanks’ esports scene, this does not mean it isn’t a highly engaged community. 

The tank shooter by Wargaming has an exceptionally large fanbase, and this week Esport Talk spoke to one of the game’s pros. Milan ‘Mailand’ Süß from Team ‘Oops’ is the latest guest on the podcast.

The German plays in one of the best teams in the world. He discussed how the way he sees it WoT always offers new goals that players are able to set themselves, and they’re rewarded accordingly. Mailand has been playing for six years. 

Of course World of Tanks does have its problems which Mailand recognises. For example, he told Esport Talk that he gets frustrated at some balance issues in the game. He discusses map and artillery balance that are currently being reworked by Wargaming.

On top of that, his team Oops qualified for the game’s World Championship equivalent, the World Finals, in May. This will take place in Moscow on the 27th and 28th with Oops, DiNG and Kazna Kru representing Western Europe, eClipse and Elevate from North America, Team Efficiency, EL Gaming and YaTo Gaming from Asia Pacific and Natus Vincere G2A, NSS, TORNADO ENERGY and Brain Storm from the CIS. 

Listen to the podcast below, and check out Esport Talk on Twitter here