PENTA announce partnership with NETGEAR

PENTA Sports have continued their busy work with yesterday’s announcement that they have secured a partnership with NETGEAR.

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Credit: PENTA Sports

NETGEAR are a company that provide innovative networking products for home use, business use and also for service providers. 

It’s safe to say that PENTA, the German based esports organisation, have been very busy recently. Not too long ago they acquired Greek organisation Ad Finem so to leverage the know-how of its backroom staff. Additionally, yesterday the org announced that Stephen A. Crystal had added to his Denial Esports investment and become a new Co-Owner in PENTA.

The partnership with NETGEAR will see their latest product “Nighthawk” integrated throughout the Esports Leistungszentrum (“ELZ”) to provide better performance for players. It’s also notable that the announcement reveals that the cooperation will, in future, “focus on joint events at the ELZ, as well as the planning of new products specialised in esports”. 

CMO Andreas Schaetzke commented: “I am happy to present today our new partner NETGEAR. After the great success NETGEAR showed in the cooperation with NiP we are able to continue this story with PENTA Sports in Germany and Central Europe”.

NETGEAR join an ever more impressive array of partners that PENTA have attracted with the ELZ prospect. ASUS, Intel, Corsair, Arctic and Aver Media are already partners who will provide equipment for the gaming rooms, the lounge and the studios. 

The bespoke esports centre is set to open in the heart of Berlin and has wide-ranging plans which include gaming and bootcamp rooms, a lounge and bar, a studio, an office and exhibition space. It will also offer free sports with a “cooperating fitness centre”. 

Esports Insider says: PENTA and NETGEAR are a match made in heaven due to their fully capitalised names. Jokes aside, congratulations to PENTA who have shown they mean serious business in the last few weeks. Another great deal for the organisation – we can’t wait to see the ELZ when it’s finished.