GameScorekeeper sees $450k cash injection for its Esports Data Suite

Danish esports data provider GameScorekeeper has received a sizable cash injection of $450,000 (£350,000) to further enhance its data tracking software which pulls results and stats from esports matches in real time. 

Felix Klastrup, GameScoreKeeper

GameScorekeeper has been working on the development of its esports focused products since early 2016. Today the company states that it can easily be used to report live scores and settle bets in real time, and it has new features incoming. 

Felix Klastrup, GameScorekeeper Founder, explained: “Data from esports has a very wide range of interesting uses, from media reporting on match results, exciting new betting products, improved analysis of matches by casters and commentators to training tools for amateurs and professionals that need better insights and feedback to improve their game.”

On the financing round, in which several investors and private equity firms saw their bids turned down, Klastrup added: “It’s always nice to see a broad interest when opening a financing round, but ultimately we had to narrow our talks to the parties that offered the most favourable terms. We have a fantastic team and a great concept, but we also had the luck of riding on the recent surge of mainstream media attention towards esports during the round.”

The company told ESI that the funding will primarily be spent on speeding up the development of new features in GameScorekeeper’s first commercial product which is known as the Esports Data Suite. Klastrup noted that they’re looking for an expanded office space and that they’re looking to hire two new software developers. Klastrup also stated that they’ve been in discussions with clients for some time and that a deal will be revealed ‘soon’. 

GameScorekeeper was a beneficiary of Innovation Fund Denmark which gave it some of the capital (£39,000) needed to get the ball rolling in 2016. Those that started the likes of successful start-ups Trustpilot and Endomondo are a part of the GameScorekeeper advisory board, and they’ve helped ensure the company continues to move in the right direction. 

Klastrup stated: “We owe a great debt of gratitude to Innovation Fund Denmark and our Advisory Board. The prototypes, which helped convince our new investors, would never have materialised without the first grant and the help from our advisors, who gave us invaluable guidance and access to a large business network”. 

Esports Insider says: There are a huge amount of data points across esports titles making it more of a challenge to offer live betting markets, and provide accurate and fair odds whilst doing so. There is a significant opportunity with harnessing data across esports in general, and GameScorekeeper will spend this money to further develop its Esports Data Suite. We’re excited to see the result.