McDonald’s becomes partner of Starcraft II World Championship Series in Australia

The famous Golden Arches of global fast-food giant McDonald’s will feature heavily across the Starcraft II World Championship Series in Australia.  AdNews reports state that the sponsorship is Australia only, and includes naming rights, on-ground activations, content integration and branding across the event. 


The event will be produced live after a partnership between Blizzard, You Know Media and ESL. “It’s a big step to support this growing sport and its huge local audience, which is hungry for brands to help take them to the next level. Credit should go to Blizzard who recognised the potential in a new partnership like this which grows the category and challenges how brand sponsorships can enhance and grow sports,” You Know Media CEO Ryan Cunningham revealed to Ad News. He added: “Australian esports players and audiences have been crying out for support to compete on the international and professional level.”

Whilst this probably represents McDonald’s first “proper” foray into esports, they have had three esports related burgers released in Sweden prior. In 2013, the winner of the McDonald’s build-a-burger competition was an esports enthusiast who decided to dub his burger the “McNiP” after the famous Ninjas in Pyjamas Organisation. It doesn’t look bad either:

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The year after saw three esports finalists — including the “McFragbite”, named after the Swedish coverage website and the “McHeatoN”, named after NiP legend and current coach. The “Friberg Feast” also made it into the final group, but didn’t make it through to be sold across stores. 

Esports Insider says: McDonald’s and Starcraft is most definitely a tasty combination. It’ll be interesting to see what they come up with in Australia and if more “esports themed burgers” appear. Nonetheless, another big name and they’re more than welcome.