PVP.me signs sponsorship deal with Giants Gaming

Giants Gaming and esports only betting operator PVP.ME have agreed a sponsorship arrangement for 2017.

 The terms of this deal mean that the team will henceforth be known as Giants PVP.ME participated in the CS:GO ESL Masters Spain where they ended up in second place behind KPI-GAMING. This followed twelve hours of intense competition in which Giants PVP.ME gained exposure on Twitch and on Spanish TV via Movistar+. 

Michael Doyle, CMO of PVP.ME stated: “Knowing the history of Giants since its beginnings, this alliance was a clear choice between many that we had considered. Between Giants & PVP.ME we hope to be able to develop and enhance their talents to achieve great successes, providing them with al the necessary tools to consolidate their CS:GO team”.

PVP.ME is a bespoke esports betting exchange platform that started in 2015 and recently launched publicly. Currently over 6,000 esport fans  bet daily on the platform on matches and streams.

Discussing the regulated esports betting opportunity as it stands right now, Doyle told Esports Insider: “The reason for opting for CS:GO specifically is due to the matureness of the market in regards to betting on esports when compared to other games. Riot and Blizzard’s opposition to the promotion of betting means the choice is also limited by the publishers themselves and this limits the growth of betting numbers in their game. That said, we currently have over 4000 daily bettors on just LoL matches, so there is clearly a demand.

“Thankfully Valve’s open approach allows for a faster growth of the esports betting market, albeit the issues in regards to regulation that need to be settled in a more international manner. This is a real interesting topic and is one of those we’ll be discussing at Betting for Esports in 2017!”

Esports Insider says: This is a serious commitment to Giants Gaming and the rebrand suggests it’s set to be a long lasting relationship between PVP.ME and the Spanish CS:GO team. PVP.ME is in the throws of a serious promotional push right now and is seeking further investment; this arrangement with Giants is a great start. 

Michael Doyle, CMO of PVP.ME will be speaking on one of six panels at this year’s Betting on Esports Conference (September 13-15) alongside Rahul Sood of Unikrn, Kasper Nemeth of Danske Spil and Suraj Gosai of Blinkpool. You can find out more about the conference here

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