Chipotle is now a sponsor of OpTic Gaming

09 August 2017


Another major brand name known and loved by the masses has entered esports by way of sponsorship. It was announced yesterday that Chipotle Mexican Grill has teamed up with OpTic Gaming

The two organisations are getting stuck into the competitions right away and will offer two lucky fans, along with a guest, a trip to visit the team at the OpTic Scuf House for ‘an exclusive hangout and fan experience’.

OpTic Gaming CEO Hector Rodriguez said: “Chipotle is already a huge part of our organization’s everyday life.

“This partnership fits in well with the busy lifestyles of our pro players and our OpTic Strength initiative, which helps promote the benefits of a balanced, healthy lifestyle. We look forward to introducing the brand to esports.”

The winning fans will receive round-trip airfare, a hotel stay, spending money, food from Chipotle, team swag and, of course, the chance to play some games with some of the OpTic players. Chipotle also plans to reward fans during the campaign ‘with some additional announcements’.

The release on the OpTic site makes it clear that this campaign and arrangement was negotiated by esports talent representation and brand consultancy group rEvXP. This group has also worked on a number of other campaigns with brands such as Turtle Beach and Pepsi Brisk Mate. 

The revelation of the Chipotle and OpTic sponsorship was delivered just after the intro to the latest episode of Vision on the org’s Youtube channel (Season 3, episode 27). This is a series which follows the life and times, the trials and tribulations, of the OpTic team and its players.

The team are seen sitting around and enjoying chowing down on some Chipotle from 3m45.

Esports Insider says: Another major brand, Chipotle, has now recognised the potential benefit of associating itself with a recognised and successful esports team. This decision by the restaurant chain, which is a subsidiary of McDonalds, could spark a chain reaction which’ll see other similar establishments go the same way.