Deltic and Ultimo Hombre to bring esports to nightclubs

19 October 2017


Deltic Group, the company which owns a large chain of nightclubs across the UK has partnered with Ultimo Hombre as they are set to run a new series of amateur events with a gaming and esports focus. 

The events will get underway on the weekend, with the inaugural event taking place at PRYZM Birmingham, one of the largest venues managed under Deltic Group. The events are split into two sessions, with one being suitable for those under 18, and one for those of a more mature audience. 

The website touts Call of Duty, FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer although details remain scant as to what the events actually entail. It’s dubbed “The Ultimate Experience for the Casual Gamer”. The company’s website suggests that “Ultimate Hombre will be ground zero for all things gaming. Experience Major League Gaming at its finest: 50 state-of-the-art gaming rigs, the latest AAA titles and razor precise hardware. Gamers from all ages can take part and have the chance to dominate the competition and take home the title for the Ultimo Hombre”. 

Guests at the launch event, which gets underway at 10am and will be on through until midnight on Sunday 22nd August, include Julia Hardy, Steve McNeil, Dan Bardell and Calfreezy. 

Mark Adams, Ultimo Hombre’s CEO said in a press release: “We’ve been working diligently behind the scenes to create a series of gaming events that are amongst the most ambitious, inclusive and entertaining ever staged in the UK, and we’re delighted to announce our launch venue, starting operation this October”.

He continued: “Working in partnership with renowned publishers, industry experts and the gaming community at large has allowed us to design an event for everyone, focusing on esports and gaming fans, rather than professional players and teams; everyone has a chance to become a legend at Ultimo Hombre.”

Tim Howard, Marketing Director for Deltic Group added: “Deltic venues are renowned for cutting edge staging, elite sound systems and unrivalled atmosphere, the perfect ingredients to cater for a gaming audience and ideal for the highly ambitious Ultimo Hombre events.

“Our PRYZM location in Birmingham is one of our flagship locations, an ideal choice to lead the way, bringing gamers and families together and kicking off what we believe will prove to be a unique way to watch, play and experience the latest games. We can’t wait until multiple venues are battling each other live for bragging rights and are confident that gamers of all ages and abilities will be thrilled with the Ultimo Hombre events.”

Esports Insider says: An interesting idea. The team will most definitely have their work cut out to make PRYZM a presentable venue for gamers by 10am, given that the night club is open late on a Saturday. We’re sure that’s all thought about though, and although there’s not a huge amount of detail as to what is happening, it sounds like fun regardless.