EA and FIFA announce FIFA eWorld Cup 2018

EA in association with football giant FIFA has announced the upcoming FIFA eWorld Cup 2018 competition set to begin on November 3.

“Last year was a pivotal achievement for competitive FIFA, engaging millions of competitors and spectators through world football and global competition,” said Todd Sitrin, SVP and GM of the Competitive Gaming Division at EA. “In partnership with FIFA, we’re accelerating the growth of competitive gaming through the EA SPORTS FIFA 18 Global Series on The Road to the FIFA eWorld Cup 2018, producing more competition, attracting more competitors and connecting with more fans than ever before.”

Players will be able to participate in a total of six qualifiers, with the first two dubbed “Ultimate Team Champions Cups” and the third being the eClub World Cup. 256 players will play in the first two cups, from which only 32 will be chosen. 32 players will take part in the eClub World Cup from which 4 will be chosen. The remaining three qualifiers are in a TBA status.

Image courtesy of EA

The two companies will pick 128 top-ranked competitors to advance to the Global Series Playoffs where 32 will advance to the eWorld Cup Grand Final ’18.

“Competitive FIFA is a global entertainment phenomenon that maximizes the combined power of world football and competitive gaming in unprecedented fashion,” said Philippe Le Floc’h, Chief Commercial Officer at Fédération Internationale de Football Association. “We’re thrilled to partner with EA in creating the Global Series as the Road to the eWorld Cup 2018 will increase the ways millions of fans consume football.”

Esports Insider says: EA continues to push its FIFA esports agenda. No mention of a financial reward for the winner is a little strange but perhaps this will be announced later.