MVPindex social media index shows FaZe Clan’s prowess

15 November 2017


MVPindex, a company specialising in social media indexes across traditional sports and entertainment has revealed a new esports social media index. The wide-ranging index will track, measure and value the social media impact of 2,500 esports leagues, tournaments, teams, players and games across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

The esports social media dashboard utilises the company’s existing technology to track both fan engagement and sponsorship/activation data in real time. Sensibly, the index is split across FGC, FPS, MOBA, Sports and Strategy titles.

The index is comprised of three different elements: reach, engagement and conversation. Each rating is normalised, with a scoring between 0.00 and 1.00 measured relative to other people/companies in their category.

In the first edition of the MVPindex, FaZe Clan dominated the charts. FaZe Clan itself holds a ranking of 0.989, whilst FaZe Rug holds a score of 0.998 in the individual categories. Rug is no longer a professional player, but holds nine of the top ten posts. He generated 10.3 million engagements on social in the period measured, 4.6 million ahead of fellow FaZe member Adapt. Rug is also streams ahead of anyone else in esports on YouTube, with 1.5 million more subscribers than the next closest player and 60 million more views than the next player/personality.

FaZe sits second on Twitter yet first on both Instagram and YouTube for followers, whilst Natus Vincere, the CIS organisation, leads the way in engagements across all platforms.

“Brands are already investing in esports with in-game content, but our index also shows there are huge levels of engagement around lifestyle content with esports celebrities and influencers,” said Kyle Nelson, co-founder and CMO of MVPindex. “MVPindex has set the new standard with our social measurement and valuation platform in sports, and brands rely on our real-time data to make strategic business decisions. Our new esports index can help them navigate the rapidly changing esports digital landscape and understand the true ROI they’re getting from their activations and sponsorships.”

Kern Egan, President, Americas of Lagardère Plus commented: “We believe in the power of the esports industry – it reaches younger, digitally native consumers with a global fan base and there are opportunities for multiple revenue streams. Winning commercially means winning culturally, and esports is a perfect example of an almost cult-like culture of fans that is changing the way brands think about sports and sponsorship. With the launch of their new esports social media index, we can rely on our valued partner MVPindex to give us data that will help us understand and make strategic investments in this fast-paced, growing industry.”

Esports Insider says: Little surprise that FaZe are so dominant. Between themselves and OpTic, the original Call of Duty giants have garnered a huge following. This information should be more than helpful for brands looking at reach and how to achieve best bang for their buck.