Team Kaliber introduces headset sponsorship with Victrix

11 January 2018


Esports hardware maker Victrix is entering the pro gaming scene with their debut product, the Victrix Pro AF™ ANC, a gaming headset specifically designed for esports pros and LAN tournaments.

Team Kaliber celebrate their CWL Dallas win (Credit: MLG)

They are doing so by becoming the official 2018 headset sponsor of CWL Dallas champions Team Kaliber, and the North American powerhouses will be debuting the headset at this weekend’s CWL New Orleans Open January 12-14th.

“There’s a wide variety of headsets available for gamers,” explained Justin ‘KOSDFF’ Chandler, owner of Team Kaliber. “But Victrix Pro AF is built specifically for tournament gamers. The competitive atmosphere breeds a unique set of needs and everything from superior noise cancellation to aviation grade mic filters to heat and humidity dispersing cooling technology has been built into this headset to optimize tournament performance. This is built for esports.”

Although still in beta, Victrix Pro AF is designed with pro gamers in mind, so much so, that professional players like those in Team Kaliber have been part of a select beta program to make sure that the headset meets their unique needs.

Ozhan “Oz” Maker, General Manager of Victrix said of the news: “We are extremely excited to support Team Kaliber and be able to gear them up with a strong lineup of innovative features we’ve built into the Victrix Pro AF™. Our very talented and passionate team of engineers, product managers and artists put together the Pro AF specifically for the tournament pro’s needs and we are confident that it will be the reliable equipment the competitive players long needed in the tournament circuit.”

Victrix Pro AF ANC, the flagship model featuring active noise cancelling, will ship on June 9 for $299.99 (£221), with pre-orders and incentives available this spring. Victrix will announce additional products of the line up later this year.

Esports Insider says: It’s good to see another option in the market, especially one with such high-grade aspirations that truly separates casual gamer from esport professional. Team Kaliber have a sizeable fan base so Victrix seem to have put themselves in some good hands going forward.