G Fuel creators Gamma Labs face lawsuit over dangerous ingredients

06 February 2018


Gamma Labs are being sued by the Environmental Research Center for not included warning labels on G Fuel products that are alleged to contain lead, violating California’s health and safety code.

Copyright: nito500 / 123RF Stock Photo

G Fuel allegedly contains more than the “safe harbour” daily dosage of lead, which is known to cause cancer and birth defects as well as other reproductive harm. According to California’s state laws, there is no known level of exposure that is considered safe, especially in children. This, in particular, presents issues due to the core demographics of Gamma Labs products; young teens specifically, who may not research what they are consuming.

It is reported that on August 25, 2017, Gamma Labs was served with a ’60-Day Notice of Proposition 65 Violation’, giving the company a 60-day window to remedy the violations made against them, with the threat of civil court a realistic possibility.

The notice handed to Gamma Labs detailed that they must reformulate all available products to eliminate further exposure to lead; pay the appropriate penalty; and provide warning labels on all products as well as to all Californians who had purchased the products in the last three years. Failure to comply is enforceable by penalties of up to $2,500 per day, per violation – with allegations in the lawsuit dating back to 2014.

In 2015, the New York Times reported on 14-year old Finley Sturzaker, an Australian boy that purchased several tubs of G Fuel only to have it taken away by his father. In 2016, a 10-year old boy from Plymouth, Boston was hospitalised after consuming G Fuel that was given to him by a classmate.

G Fuel does, however, provide age restrictions on their website, saying: “All users of our website must be over the age of 18. Anyone under the age of 18 must cease use of this website! Parents and Legal Guardians’ of anyone under the age of 18 must monitor their usage of our website. If you are under 18, cease use of this web site.”

G Fuel is very popular in the esports space, sponsoring teams and personalities such as FaZe Clan, 100Thieves CEO Nadeshot and Dr Disrespect.

Esports Insider says: There has always been a lot of discussion over the safety – or lack thereof – of G Fuel. Though this new information is very damning, it should be taken at face value for now. There are clear issues with the product but not enough to be universally discredited. We hope that Gamma Labs look to improve following this ordeal.