Arlington plans to open esports stadium by autumn

15 March 2018


It looks as though there’ll be a new esports stadium in the US by the autumn. The city of Arlington has announced that they have plans to build an esports stadium in the city, and it’s intended to be the largest dedicated venue in the States. Arlington is already home to many professional sports teams such as the Texas Rangers, the Dallas Cowboys, and the WNBA’s Wings. By building an esports venue, Arlington will be setting foot into the esports world. 

Mayor Jeff Williams had this to say about the city’s ambitions in esports: “Being on the forefront of new ideas and setting trends is in our DNA and part of who we are as The American Dream City.”

“Esports Stadium Arlington will further cement our city’s status as a national and international tourist destination. Players and fans will come here for the tournaments and they’ll stay even longer to experience everything Arlington has to offer.”

Brian Mirakian, Senior Principal, Populous had this to say about the construction of the new stadium: “This esports stadium will transform the Arlington Convention Center and position the city as the epicenter for esports in the heart of North America.”

“Esports fans will encounter a live experience unlike any other, by way of space for up to 1,000 spectators, VIP amenities and year-round event potential.”

The new stadium will be managed by NGAGE Esports and Jonathon Oudthone, President, NGAGE had the following to say about collaborating with the city of Arlington: “We are extremely excited for the opening of Arlington’s Esports Stadium, and see it as nothing short of a milestone for the industry.”

“Our collaboration with the city of Arlington will give Texas and American esports a platform worthy of the vitality and impact it’s so swiftly developed.”

Esports Insider says: Opening an esports stadium in Arlington such as the one they’ve planned will hopefully help to make the city a great location for esports. This is further proof too that esports is slowly becoming a great venture for major cities and companies alike.