The National Association of Collegiate Esports partners with Gamer Sensei

06 March 2018


The National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE), a non-profit organisation which governs college esports in North America, has announced that it is partnering up with Gamer Sensei.

Partnering with Gamer Sensei will enable colleges and universities who are thinking of creating an esports team a better way to find the right coach for the team. 

Gamer Sensei is a competitive coaching platform that allows players to connect with professional players worldwide. 

The NACE will be educating member institutions about how the coaching platform from Gamer Sensei works all while providing NACE members preferred access and rates.

Michael Brooks, Executive Director, NACE said in a following statement: “NACE is constantly looking for ways to streamline and accelerate the growth of varsity esports programs on college campuses across North America.  One major area of struggle for our member colleges, and certainly those institutions looking to start an esports program, has been finding individuals with the skill and background to lead teams.  The geographic growth of varsity esports has complicated staffing further as much of our growth is in the Midwest and East Coast of the U.S., though much of the professional expertise needed tends to be centralized on the West Coast.

“This is partly why our partnership with Gamer Sensei is so exciting, in that it removes the geographical barriers separating individuals with the desire and ability to lead and grow teams with the institutions that are making the investment into esports for their students.”

Ankith Harathi, Head of Growth, Gamer Sensei commented on the partnership between Gamer Sensei and NACE: “As more colleges look to get serious about esports, the timing could not be better for us to join forces with NACE. We’re excited to work closely with NACE and its member institutions with the goal of not just connecting more schools with our pool of the best esports coaches, but to also help them succeed in creating truly world-class esports programs at every level.” 

Esports Insider says: A perfect step for NACE to take up this partnership with Gamer Sensei. By allowing collegiate teams to handpick professional players as coaches will surely bring victory to many esports teams.