Ravelin signs Kinguin as newest client

06 March 2018


Adam Gruda, Kinguin

Ravelin, a company which offers services related to fraud detection via a prevention platform, has just signed Kinguin as its newest client. 

Together with Ravelin, Kinguin will look to continue protecting its clients from any fraudulent activity. 

Kinguin is one of the world’s largest online marketplaces for video games, and is constantly looking for the best way to keep its buyers and sellers safe from any online fraud. By teaming up with Ravelin, Kinguin can continue to provide its clients with the necessary security against fraud. 

Adam Gruda, CCO, Kinguin said in a following statement: “Kinguin has always been considered as the most secured marketplace for gamers, leading industry with the lowest fraud ratio. As customer safety is the most important value here at Kinguin, we are excited to be a part of something big along that allows us to increase marketplace security from fraudulent transactions even more”

Martin O’Riada, Co-Founder and CIO, Ravelin stated: “We are proud to be part of the Kinguin story.” He also noted: “We are very lucky to work with many of the innovation leaders across a number of industries and Kinguin is a clear leader in digital goods. Securing their transactions and revenue while helping them continue to grow through great conversion rates is at the core of our success.”

Ravelin uses award-winning technology to detect fraud before sales happen for online merchants. This is makes it two for two Kinguin partnership announcements in the past few days, after the arrangement with AS Monaco was unveiled

Esports Insider says: Parternering with Ravelin is a huge success for Kinguin, especially if they are one of the world’s top online marketplaces for video games. Clients will feel even safer knowing that Kinguin has top-tier fraud detection protecting them.