Scottish Esports League season one to start soon with multiple titles

23 March 2018


Season one of Esports Scotland’s Scottish Esports League (SEL) is due to start soon, with multiple publishers backing the programme and various titles set to play out throughout the season.

The confirmed games so far for SEL Season 1 are:-

  • CS:GO (PC)
  • Splatoon 2 (Switch)

Plenty more titles will be announced in due course.

The grassroots esports league pits players and teams against each other to accrue points depending on placements in their specific game, with top teams and players to a LAN final in Edinburgh on 6-7th October, where overall winners will be crowned. The finals will also feature Q&As, stalls and live music for the Scottish esports community.

The Scottish Esports League also has the backing of both Nintendo and Ubisoft, who are offering merchandise and prizes for competitors.

A full announcement for the SEL took place tonight in a live stream from Esports Scotland with the league starting next week on Wednesday 28th March and Thursday 29th March with CS:GO and Splatoon 2 respectively. They will be creating a monthly Esports Scotland Show to showcase their tournaments and provide profiles of players, teams, and all the important people involved with the Scottish Esports League.

In a statement released by SEL, it was said that “SEL has been designed, first and foremost, to raise awareness and promote grassroots esports in Scotland. There are little to no professional esports teams in Scotland. We want to change this and the first step is SEL.”

To find out more about the Scottish Esports League, head over to the official Esports Scotland website.

Esports insider says: This is a great step forward for grassroots esports in Scotland, and the promised abundance of titles available during season one make it a big opportunity for the esports community in Scotland.